Video Presentation

Let’s Make Magic

Does your organization have a story to tell? Do you take pride in your company’s steady growth? Do you want to share your vision with everyone who wants to see and be taught? If you have answered these with a resounding ‘Yes!’, then DIGITAL BUCKET MARKETING MANAGEMENT LLC is the place for you. We know how to make the perfect corporate video presentations.

Our experienced team of directors, editors and storyboarders bring your tale to life. Woven with intricate imagery and compelling voice-overs, your short films and documentaries are guaranteed to rivet your audience to their seats.

• Our storyboarding experts are also expert listeners. Tell them your story.
• An elite team of directors capture your words frame by frame and transform them into celluloid masterpieces.
• In addition, our sound and video editors hone the documentary to perfection leaving the necessary parts to the imagination.
• Our animation and design specialists bring in additional elements if desired.

We specialize in:

  • Corporate video presentations
  • Event, Awards & Ceremonies Coverage
  • Product presentations
  • Sales presentations
  • Promo videos
  • Infograhic presentations